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It’s time consuming, it’s often complicated and not part of your core activities – unless you’re a mailing house like us of course.  Direct Mail Fulfilment takes all of the items you have ready to go and makes them into your ‘Mailing Pack’ ready for mailing to your customers or prospects.  In most cases we will have already printed these here at Mail and Print, but we can also fulfil projects with specialist marketing materials like pens or gadgets alongside a plethora of other supplied items. 

As examples we’ve previously we’ve mailed items like seeds, travel adaptors and board games in bulk for our customers!

You will save money by outsourcing your fulfilment to a specialist, you’ll also be able to fully relax in the knowledge that your mailing is in the hands of a company that is using specialist machinery designed to help us achieve your goals.  We don’t miss deadlines, and our customer service teams will communicate with you throughout your project ensuring you know when to expect your mailing to land.

We can fulfil any mailing from a single item through to multiple tens of thousands, enclosing them in Envelopes, Poly Wrap, Poster Tubes and or even parcels.  Your mailing could be anything from a single letter right through to a brochure or catalogue with multiple additional leaflets and promotional items.

There are many parts to our fulfilment solutions and you can find out more about these by looking at the following pages:

  • Pick and Pack – for those who send a handful of items at a time, but produce those items in bulk
  • Matching – for those really complex mailings where you want to match multiple personalised items
  • Enclosing Options – Whether it be Envelopes, Poly, Poster Tubes or Parcels we have a solution for you needs
  • Storage – For those customers that simply want us to store their items and drop ship them into their location on a call off basis

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