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Door to Door – Price Increases 2013 – up to 5%

Royal Mail has just announced prices increases by up to 5% plus changes to the Door to Door pricing tariffs, although this is subject to confirmation. The lighter weight items are to go up by less so Royal Mail are relating the price increases to weight of the items being sent. These are effective from 8th April 2013

It would seem that Royal Mail has made price changes depending on weight, so the heavier the item then the higher the price rise, so lighter items have gone up by 3% and the heavier ones by up to 5% please see the rate card supplied by Royal Mail – Price guide – April 2013.

Door2Door_rate_card_April 2013 

The post code sector bandings have not changed but there has been a change in the approval systems allowing electronic signing of the documents to make things a bit faster in the approval process,

Get your orders in by 21.45pm on the 16th of March 2013 and the old prices will still apply – so get your orders in early as there is liable to be a bit of a rush.

The process – how we can help

  • Let us create your sample and get it approved
  • We pack you items as required by Royal mail in the correct bundles or packages
  • Label and generate the paperwork as required by Royal Mail
  • Deliver your items in a cost effective way
  • Items land as prescribed in your marketing plan


Please get in contact with Mail and Print if you would like to organise your next Door to Door mailing, you might be surprised at how we can help with print, packaging and delivery to Royal Mail to get your Door to Door mailings out there in a timely manner. Please call one of the Mail and Print team on 0800 1300 960 for further information. Or perhaps email


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