Data Cleansing

Data is the foundation of your mailing. Get it wrong and the house will crumble. That is why we offer a data cleansing service. The service removes inaccurate data and screens your lists against preference files. Clean and accurate data allows you to reach more of the right people and reduce complaints. We can also provide B2B and B2C data based on your requirements. This data can be segmented to filter out all types of businesses or individuals allowing you to target recipients more effectively.

Suppressions & Flagging

The list below can be applied to customer’s data lists and quoted individually. Prices on application.

Fuzzy De-duplication

PAF of Data


NCOA (National Change of Address)

GAS (Gone Away Suppression)

USS (Universal Suppression Service)

BCF (Business Change File)

BSF (Business Suppression File)

MPS (Mailing Preference Service)

TPS (Telephone Preference Service)

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