Postage Discounts


Postage discounts – reducing the price you pay for postage

There are many ways to post or transport your mail and each method can qualify to receive discounts based on criteria imposed by the carrier or postal service. Mail and Print specialise in receiving the best discounts possible which are then passed onto you. This benefits you by reducing the overall cost of your mailing, reaching the same people for a discounted price. 

Take a look at some of the information below to learn more or get in touch on 01747 820960 or to speak with us about a solution that’s right for you. 

Mailing smaller volumes

  • For letters where we can add a barcode, we can discount starting from 500 items
  • We can give you discount off Franking prices down to 250 items for Large letters

What is the entry level and where do we start?

  • Large letters and items over 100 grams – you only need 1000 items
  • Letters – under 100 grams and C5 or DL in size – you need 4000 items
  • Letters – under 100 grams and C5/DL Cleanmail – you need 1000 items

Frequently Asked Questions



We hold all of the mailing approvals for the following

  • Mailmark
  • Low Sort Barcode and OCR
  • Highsort – all levels
  • Advertising Mail
  • Mailing House approval to send Mechanical Mail approvals on your PPI account
  • Strategic Mailing Partnership – Full Membership (SMP)

Previous approvals held

  • Cleanmail (OCR or CBC)
  • Cleanmail plus
  • Mail sort 120 OCR
  • Mail sort 120 CBC
  • Mail sort 700 CBC
  • Mail sort 1400

Have your own Royal Mail account? No problem, we are more than happy to post on this. To receive the best discounts available, please bear in mind you will need the data and material processing approvals for Mail sort 120 or 700 systems.

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