Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is changing the way that individuals, organisations and businesses are communicating with many of their internal and external audiences and Mail and Print have been for the past decade at the leading edge of how your data and marketing collateral requirements can be linked together.

VDP allows for changes to be made to the text, images, charts and other digital objects as the item is being printed. It creates individual documents for individual customers and offers a degree of personalisation that increases response rate and relevance. Variable Data can be used to create a range of personalised marketing communications and other useful media.

  • Appointment reminders motor/medical/veterinary
  • Pre-populated documents and forms
  • Bills, invoices, statements and reminders
  • Personalised letters
  • Personalised magazines and booklets
  • Certificates and award documents
  • Raffle and fundraising mailings

VDP is constantly evolving and offering new possibilities – Mail and Print encourage clients to think about “customised communications”. The ability to create printed personalised promotional and transactional items has had a dramatic effect on the expectations of all audiences. It’s no longer effective just to send out a mail merged document when so much more value can be added for very little incremental cost.

There are 3 levels of personalisation Basic, Intermediate and Complex all of which can be created and managed from the data you probably hold at the moment.

Basic Personalisation

Name and address changes

Targeting within certain postcodes

Segmenting by gender

Mailing relevant offers depending on recent purchasing history

Intermediate Personalisation

Same as Basic plus:

Profiling the existing clients and then using that information to identify other similar profiles from suitable data providers

Identifying what was purchased and then introducing new clients or services using a combination of images and text

Complex Personalisation

Same as Basic and Intermediate plus:

Using individual images that recipients recognise instantly as relating to something they own or use on a regular basis, linked to bespoke offers

In addition then being able to send a combination of selective inserts according to the content of the mailing

Mail and Print has been at the leading edge of VDP, investing in the most advanced digital printers and experienced marketing and technical personal so that everything from design and data management to print and mailing can be provided as a complete service.

Mail and Print work with you and your data to give you more options. Talk direct to our data specialists today on 0800 1300 960

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