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Mail and Print specialise in both international direct mail and domestic mailings for international businesses. When sending international mail, whether you’re a UK business or not, cost is always a factor. We assist you in achieving maximum impact whilst minimising cost. We achieve this through using trusted distribution partners that offer us preferential rates and quicker delivery times. We then pass these benefits onto you. 

For UK businesses that require international mailings, we provide a cost effective and streamlined process as opposed to the more rigid processes at mainstream postal services. By using us for international direct mail, you could save on the valuable commodities of both time and money. Typically delivery times can vary from up to 3-15 days but we prioritise our international mailings using a premium service to deliver between 3-5 days.

For businesses outside the UK that wish to mail recipients in the UK, you are able to upload your artwork files to us which we can then use to print and mail your material in the UK. 

This process allows us to make your mail look like domestic mail, reducing the delivery times and costs.

Here at Mail and Print we also benefit from postage discounts which can translate into a reduction of 50% off the franked rate per item. To provide you with a more personal service, we give you more control over when the mailing lands as well as no transport costs.

Response Handling:

If you require a response handling service, either business or Freepost, we can manage this for you, resulting in you receiving emailed responses to improve your response time and client contact. We give you access to our account and can email you results on either a weekly or monthly basis.

The minimum quantity for this service is approx. 100 items as this allows you to take advantage of postage discounts. 



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