Envelope Enclosing


Envelope Enclosing, Inserting into envelopes, C4 – to BRE

What can we enclose?

We can insert materials from 80gsm paper to items 14mm thick and sizes from a business card to an A4 booklet or sheet of paper.

  • Booklets
  • Magazines
  • Flyers
  • Letters
  • Personalised items
  • shaped items
  • BRE’s (Business Reply envelopes)
  • Carriers
  • Response mechanisms

What can we enclose into?

We can enclose into the following size envelopes by machine

  • C4
  • C5
  • DL
  • C6
  • Square envelopes
  • Special sizes as required

How fast?

We do all this mechanically and can fill envelopes up to a rate of 12000 envelope fills per hour and get between six and eight items into the envelope at the same time.

We operate a number of different machines from the latest technology. For example fast inserting machines with both stream feeders and rotary feeders for flexibility to multi pick inserting machines plus financial mailing equipment to handle the variances of number of sheets and differing inserts. We even have some inserting lines which can deal with booklet inserting really well.

Please do call or email for further information, even if you think it can’t be done by machine, you might be surprised.


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