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Current Mailsorting Methods – Royal Mail makes massive changes to posting in the UK

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Below are the mailsorting systems used prior to April 2012.

The Royal Mail have produced for mailing houses, such as Mail and Print – A Division of Printing Data Ltd, various discount structures for a number of Mailsort options. These options produce, in turn, a huge number of cross combination of prices depending on size, weight and quantity of each item of mail. See also postage discounts.

Known as bulk mailing, the three main formats are contained in ‘Letter, Large Letter or Packet’.

The discount structure on UK letters and Large Letters are commonly found in Cleanmail, Mail sort 120, Mail sort 700, Mail sort 1400 and Walksort.
Cleanmail does not require one to sort the items, but merely apply an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or Customer Barcode (CBC) to the mail.
Mail sort 120 requires sortation to approx. 120 delivery selections and use either OCR or CBC.
Mail sort 700 offers a larger discount if you sort your mail to an even wider selection of delivery points i.e. 700, also adding the OCR and CBC.
Mail sort 1400 offers the flexibility of sorting large letters or packets to get the best size/weight postage discounts.
Walksort offers the highest level of discount when sorted to postman walk level.
The Mailsort discounts are based on the mailing house fulfilling some of the Royal Mail’s work on sorting. But, most of the options can have First, Second or Third class mailings which will result in deliveries being made from the next day, within three working days and for Third class up to seven working days.

One point that cannot be emphasised enough is – obtaining the best discounts depends on the data being extremely accurate. Any data that isn’t accurate is known as ‘Residue data’ and earns a lower discount. This is why, the initial mailsort on data when setting up the mailing, is so important. A minimum of 90% of accurate data, known as ‘direct data’ is required in order to obtain some postage discounts. Pay as little as 3rd class price and still get 2-3 day delivery service.

Downstream access (third party mail processing such as TNT or DHL) for all of the above services, and don’t forget about the Volume Related Discounts (VRD’s) for mailings over 10000 items.

Hand Inserting / finishing

Flexible workforce

A flexible workforce enables Mail and Print to be able to respond to almost any situation, with a strong in house team and the availability of increasing the response rate and team from temporary staff from a good source of agencies we work regularly with. We aim to use local people to reduce travel times and environmental impact and keep the costs under to a minimum.

We regularly undertake large hand matching of multiple items, and volumes a 3-way match to matching inserts / letters to outer envelopes from 300 items to 50000 items. Whilst still being able to control and maintain mail sorting to achieve the very best postage discounts.


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