Business Mail – Mailing Services


Business Mail – Mailing Services

Business Mail is the method by which the main of Mail sorted Mail, or sorted mail is processed in the United Kingdom, normally a Mailing House or Mail Processor such as Mail and Print will manage and append coding to your mailing list enabling them to be able to sort the data and then the printed mail into an order that Royal Mail is happy to give work share discount.

All three speeds of service are available with Business Mail, 1st, 2nd and Economy class of mail, in addition to this there are a multitude of additional options available to those that include some of the following:-

High sort – Where items of mail do not meet the requirements of Low Sort machine-able mailing, then it is classified as High Sort formerly known as Mail sort 1400. This is where the mail is sorted to a higher number of destinations, currently at 1525 so this is the number of mail destinations and bags we have to sort High Sort mailing to, hence a slightly higher cost than Low sort.

Low sort – Where an item is being low sort Mail Sorted it means a couple of things, either it has to comply with OCR or Barcode specifications. The main benefits are reduction in postage and processing costs, as a Mailing House we have to present the Mail to Royal Mail or the Down Stream Access Providers in much fewer bags so the mail is faster to prepare for presentation. We currently have to sort Low Sort mailings to 88 destinations, formerly Mail Sort 120 which was 120 destinations.

OCR – Stands for Optical Character recognition, this means that the Royal Mail machines can read the text as long as it is printed in accordance with the specification and there are “Clear Zones” that do limit where and what you can do with artwork and design of the mail piece, for example Postcards are very difficult to get them to comply using this method.

Barcoded – Mailings that have a barcode (referred to Customer Code as the barcode font) allow you a lot more flexibility with the design or artwork because the sortation machines are just looking for the barcode and do not get confused

Please note all speeds of service are available with Business Mail – 1st class, 2nd class and Economy services.

Need to know more about these or other mailing services then please call 0800 1300 960 for further information.

If you are currently doing any bulk mailings in-house, even if only low quantities then you should definitely get in touch with us for a quote. You may not realise that your mailing even qualifies for a postage discount but quite often the postage saving alone will cover the cost of us doing the mailing, so in effect you’re getting a free mailing without any of the hassle or time of doing it yourselves! If you do outsource your mailings but would be interested in a comparison quote then we are more than happy to provide this, with no obligation.

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