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Data Makes things happen

Your customer, donor, employee, prospect data etc. is really valuable.  This data should be valued as a strategic and tactical asset and be at the heart of all your external and internal marketing communications.

It’s not just because you need an address, it’s because using the data you have is one of the most important ways of building, maintain and developing a relationship with those who can have an impact on your business, charity or organisation.

Successful companies are able to connect in a meaningful way with the right customers or prospects at the right time with right information using a variety of media. In order for this to happen customer and prospect data has to be of the highest quality and updated on a regular basis and then you are in a position to create highly personalised direct mail and other printed media.

The data you create, update, and use is one of the key elements to maintain and improving profitability and competitive advantage. Within your data lies information and opportunity which can be either be utilised to the full or left to become outdated and of little commercial value.

Companies and organisations  that understand the importance of building relationships with clients, prospects, employees, donors, members, local residents, parents, patients, pupils etc. rely of well managed data – without accurate data it is impossible to create worthwhile dialogue.

Mail and Print have dedicated Data Specialists who provide a wide range of services that clients can access. These include:

Essential level data analysis

In many cases your data will need to be used to get the maximum postal discount via the Royal Mail Mailsorting protocols. Mail and Print provide a FREE Essential Data service which identifies any problems prior to Mailsorting and a cost to sort any issues. The client is very welcome to amend the data themselves and re-submit, though that might incur a re-submit fee.

This Essential check identifies:

  • Incorrect case
  • Trailing commas
  • Trailing fullstops
  • Missing salutations
  • Non printable characters
  • Trailing spaces
  • Duplicates
  • In field commas
  • Wrong case in postcode
  • Invalid postcodes
  • Missing postcodes

Intermediate level data enhancement

These additional suppression and technical enhancements further improve accuracy and compliance.  They are not essential for Mailsorting purposes but some are required prior to undertaking any mailing. With data losing its accuracy on a daily basis clients are advised to make sure that their data is compliant at all times.

Services include:

  • Goneaways
  • Deceased
  • MPS
  • Merging Files
  • Business Change file
  • Suppressions
  • Bereavement or Mortscreen
  • PAF check

Advanced level data enhancement

Increasingly as clients are moving to improved personalised communications the way your data is interpreted managed and manipulated is critical. Mail and Print have extensive expertise in this area and offer a bespoke data development service that is increasingly utilised by larger organisations, creative agencies and print brokers.

Services include:

  • Advanced data prep for multiple data printing
  • Profiling of customers
  • Data Appending

Bureau Services

Mail and Print are recognised as having a very experienced data management team and provide a bureau service to individuals and companies that may not require a specific printing and mailing solution, but do require Mailsorted data for in-house postal  and marketing communications activity.

Services include:

  • PAF check
  • Mailsort

Data Cleansing

we offer a full range of data cleansing services from de duplication, suppression and many more service please refer to data cleansing for durther information

You might just be surprised at what we can do with data and data manipulation.

Opting out of Direct Mail or Telephone calls

Need to know a little more about opting out of mailing services, Telephone calls and even un addressed mail then please have a look at

If you would like to know more about any of the service we offer please either send an enquiry through the form system, drop us an email or call 0800 1300 960 or 01747 820960 we would love to hear from you.

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