DDM – Data Driven Marketing


One of the most transformational changes in marketing that has occurred in recent years, that’s how we describe Data Driven Marketing (DDM).  DDM is the strategy of using both customer and prospect information to spot trends and target marketing efforts.  

As with all marketing the ultimate goal is to increase sales, whether that be by attracting new customers or achieving repeat purchases from current customers, DDM is a multi-level solution that achieves these goals by:

  • Mining data to identify the types of customers who are buying and any trends that they may be following.
  • Using that mined data to personalise messages to make them highly relevant to each and every customer, whether they be new or current.



Achieving this level of expertise within a small marketing department is tricky though, so Mail and Print have put together a selection of services, each of which is designed to align us with your marketing objectives and help alleviate the Data Driven headache that can be created with challenges like:

  • Putting together the right team – Our strength is data – your strength is Marketing
  • Departmental Silos – We integrate your data from all relevant areas of the business – you concentrate on being creative
  • Commitment – we have the tools to deliver the data – you can concentrate on delivering the marketing
  • Integration – we work hard to deliver an integrated service that can evolve with your marketing aspirations and branding goals.

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