Data – who manages yours?

Data and Data Cleansing | August 27, 2013


A Quiz to see if you are getting the most from you money

Let’s start with a quick quiz 10 easy questions anyone who manages data should be happy to consider.
If you can’t answer YES to every question then please think about all those who can and hope that none of them are your competitors.

1.    Can you and your staff easily access every contact record for all your customers?

2.    Is this data updated every day?

3.    Can you identify when each customer last placed an order?

4.    Can you tell what they purchased?

5.    Are you sure there are no duplicates in your data?

6.    Do you have a record of every time you checked your data with the relevant preference registers?

7.    Do you segment your data around your product or service offers?

8.    Do you use your data to personalise your printed marketing communications?

9.    How confident are you that your address data is in line with the Royal Mail database

10.    Do you have an accurate value of what your data is worth?


If you’ve answered YES to each of the above, then well done you deserve a gold star. If you have a couple of NO’s then you probably have the knowledge to quickly make some changes.

If on the other had you need some help – give the Data Manager at Mail and Print a call on 0800 1300 960 or download our FREE Fact Sheet all about Data


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