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Fundraising and Charities | March 18, 2014


Managing the relationship with supporters or donors has never been more important.

All the organisations we work with who rely of fundraising to fulfil their obligations invest considerable time and money in finding new donors or supporters however many find it harder to keep in touch and nurture that initial relationship over the months that follow.

The problem is to balance the need to inform and enthuse without being perceived as pestering for additional support.

No two organisations are the same but there are a number of actions you can consider to help build positive and long lasting relationships with the people who provide the income that keeps your good cause alive and well.

  1. Try to think about each donor or supporter and how it feels for them to be associated with your organisation. Are you doing enough to make sure they are positive advocates, or are you allowing others to become more important?
  2. Recognise that everyone is different and ensure that the communications you have with them reflect that – personalise your communications not just with name but with how much they have donated and what their support has achieved.
  3. Ensure you communicate with your supporters in the way that suits them. Some prefer emails, some printed through the post, others not at all. It’s important to ask.
  4. Make sure you create dialogue and don’t rely on just giving steams of data and facts, highlight other supporter/donor experiences.
  5. Make sure you have video based updates available  – it’s east to set up your own .tv domain and then build a library of You Tube video’s for reference.
  6. Change the timing of your communications and always be flexible to respond to a current news item. For example Mail and Print can send 100 letters for 33p each from copy and data supplied – send your files in the morning and the letter will go out the same day
  7. Build into all your communications a single point of contact for additional information

Seven things to consider – not all have to be done at the same time. But which ones should you be doing today?


Author: Mailprinter

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