Printing Data onto labels


Printing Data onto labels

We are able to print variable data onto labels and hold a fairly large stock of labels from 8, 21 and 24 to a sheet – where we are sending packets we use 8 to a sheet and include not only the variable data but also the postage impression and the return address, which ensure that we only have to apply one label to the package or envelope.

Label Printing – Colour or Black and White

We are able to print labels from standard sheets A4 to custom cut out sheets with up to 4 colours – we have even printed stamps with stamp type perforations – so please ask if you need any information or guidance.

Envelope sizes and specifications

  • BRE’s 102 x 216 (Business Reply Envelopes) – these are usually gummed and in white
  • DL 110 x 220 self-seal
  • DL +  114 x 229 gummed normally for mailing
  • DL++ 114 x 235 gummed and normally for mailing where you intend to put a BRE in as well by machine
  • C5 162 x 220 self-seal
  • C5 +  162 x 229 gummed normally for mailing
  • C5 ++ 162 x 235 gummed and normally for mailing where you intend to put a BRE in as well by machine

Wallets are where the flaps are on the long edge
Pockets are where the flaps are on the short edge

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Inkjet Printing

We operate fast and high quality inkjet lines able to print at up to 20000 items an hour; this may be static information such as return addresses and postage impressions.

We are able to print return addresses, postage impressions and the variable data to envelopes or magazines in the same pass – which means the process is only carried out once and you need only to print the number of items that are required for that variable data mailing

Inkjet printing is a great alternative to sticking labels onto envelopes. It’s quicker, easier and gives a more professional appearance to your mailing. We can print in black, blue, red or green ink and it is ideal for printing data, a PPI (printed postage impression) and a return address to envelopes or postcards.

We can also inkjet onto finished materials, such as brochures up to 14mm thick with data and a PPI, these can then be polywrapped and mailed out- so there is no need for a carrier sheet!

Inkjetting is also very good for high speed numbering of items on a variety of materials and sizes.

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