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With 2017 drawing to a close, it’s now a great time to begin thinking about how your direct mail can evolve as we move into the New Year. Direct mail can elicit better responses when compared to digital marketing methods as it offers recipients a tangible experience. By enhancing your direct mail with one, or all, of the aspects below, you can not only take advantage of direct mail’s inherent ability to generate responses but elevate it to receive even more than usual.


There is power in personalisation and including information specific to an individual recipient is key is creating that all-important 1-to-1 dynamic. By targeting your recipient using their name, imagery, purchasing habits and even particular offers, you give the impression that your campaign was created for them and them alone. Using data technology to produce personalisation on this scale results in building trust, loyalty and adds value to the recipient, all increasing the chance of higher sales and better customer retention.

STAT – Adding a person’s name in mail can increase response rate by up to 130% (Canon Solutions)


Dimensional mail adds another sensory element to your direct mail campaign. Using 3D packaging, fold-outs and pop-ups help your campaign to rise above the typical array of letters and postcards by offering your recipients a visual and interactive experience. In doing so, you are far more likely to see higher response rates. If you want to grab the attention of your recipient and hold it for longer, dimensional mail is the way to go.

STAT – Dimensional mail has a response rate of 8.5% compared to standard direct mail which has a rate of 5.1% (Direct Marketing Association)





Augmented Reality technology or AR essentially superimposes reality with computer-generated graphics, sound and video to provide enhanced experiences of an environment.

Augmented Reality or AR technology is combined with direct mail by printing certain codes on your material. Your recipient then has to scan the code using their phone to see your imagery or animation brought to life. Making use of AR technology creates a sensory experience for your recipients and much like dimensional mail holds their attention and creates a buzz.

STAT – AR boosts response rate for direct mail by up to 37% (Aurasma)


The techniques of foiling, spot UV and lamination elevate your printed material to add a unique finish or create an impression of luxury. Foiling works by using heat and pressure to apply foil, the most common being gold and silver, to your material and works well as a way of accentuating certain areas of your card, leaflet or booklet.

Spot UV is the method of using a varnish to draw attention to aspects of your print by highlighting them and creating variation in textures that provide your recipient with added stimuli.

Lamination has two primary functions, protection and finish. By laminating your material you improve its strength and rigidity, as well as protecting against marks, moisture and stains, effectively extending the lifespan of your print.

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