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Daily Mailing, Direct Mail Services, Fulfilment, Personalisation, Postcards - Variable Data or Images, Variable Printing Data | August 24, 2023

Enhancing Direct Mail Effectiveness through Digital Stamps

In an era where customers are increasingly focused on finding the best deals and are prone to shopping around, securing consistent repeat business year after year has become an increasingly challenging task. To capture customer attention, personalised marketing has evolved into a necessity rather than an option. However, the inherent challenge lies in the fact that most marketing campaigns are designed for a broad audience rather than tailored to individual customers. So, how can marketers ensure their outreach resonates on a personal level with each recipient? Defining Digital Stamps: Mail and Print is one of the select in the UK that have received Royal Mail's approval to utilise digital stamps. These digital stamps closely resemble conventional postage stamps available in stores, but they are generated through digital printing at ...

Direct Mail Services, Personalisation, Variable Printing Data | August 16, 2023

Variable Data Printing – what is it?

What's all this talk about variable data printing I hear you ask? Well grab a coffee and a seat and I'll tell you... VDP or variable ...

Direct Mail Services, Environment | August 16, 2023

Electronic communication also has Environmental impacts

“Go Paperless”, “Go Green” and “Save Trees” are common messages as many organisations encourage their customers to switch ...

Direct Mail Services | January 08, 2019

What is Direct Mail?

Direct Mail is a topic which, as a whole, may seem confusing and puzzling. There are questions we are frequently asked that aim to ...

Direct Mail Services | January 26, 2018

Measuring the success of your direct mail

A common argument against the use of direct mail is the supposed inability to measure its success.  This perception is largely due to ...

Direct Mail Services, Environment | January 12, 2018

How we minimise our impact on the environment

Mail and Print process vast quantities of paper and envelopes so we have to be conscious of our environmental footprint. As a result, ...

Data and Data Cleansing, Direct Mail Services | January 08, 2018

Mailmark: replacing the traditional barcode

After Mailmark was introduced in 2014, Mail and Print worked to become one of the first six mailing houses to become fully Mailmark ...

Direct Mail Services, Other Entries | December 08, 2017


With 2017 drawing to a close, it’s now a great time to begin thinking about how your direct mail can evolve as we move into the New ...

Direct Mail Services, Personalisation, Postcards - Variable Data or Images | November 24, 2017

Christmas 2017 support from Mail and Print

It’s that time of year again and the mad rush towards Christmas has begun. Preparation is in full swing and many businesses have ...

Direct Mail Services | November 17, 2017

GET IT OFF YOUR DESK – Benefits of outsourcing your direct mail to Mail and Print

Sending out direct mail campaigns can be both time-consuming and costly. It’s why the majority of businesses use email or other ...

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