Direct Mail Services, Environment | August 16, 2023

Electronic communication also has Environmental impacts

“Go Paperless”, “Go Green” and “Save Trees” are common messages as many organisations encourage their customers to switch to electronic transactions and communications. But are these appeals based on fact? These sorts of messages give the impression that electronic communication holds a superior environmental stance compared to paper-based communication. However, drawing such conclusions without accounting for the complete lifecycle of these distinct mediums can be quite challenging. Paper stands out as a notably renewable and sustainable material. Its primary component, wood, is cultivated and harvested through a meticulously controlled and sustainable process. The sustainability of this approach is exemplified by the significant growth of European forests—where a majority of the raw materials originate—in an area ...

Direct Mail Services, Environment | January 12, 2018

How we minimise our impact on the environment

Mail and Print process vast quantities of paper and envelopes so we have to be conscious of our environmental footprint. As a result, ...

Environment | February 17, 2016

FSC® all the benefits without the hassle in 5 easy steps

FSC® the Forest Stewardship Council® from sapling to end-user Forests are inspected and certified against strict standards based on ...

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