How we minimise our impact on the environment

Direct Mail Services, Environment | January 12, 2018


Mail and Print process vast quantities of paper and envelopes so we have to be conscious of our environmental footprint. As a result, we have measures in place to reduce our impact on the environment. 


Recycling is one of our top priorities. We ensure that all paper and cardboard is properly recycled and strive to re-use as much packaging as possible. Because we recycle so much, we effectively limit our waste collection and remove unnecessary fuel consumption.

FSC® Certified:

We are FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified. A staggering 95% of our sourced envelopes and paper are from either FSC or otherwise certified suppliers. Each year, we are audited against FSC standards. Annual audits help us maintain our commitment to the responsible sourcing of paper from managed forests.




Car Sharing:

Mail and Print actively encourage our employees to car share and adjust our shift patterns to suit this. With many of us travelling to work from similar locations, we practice this as much as we can. This helps to reduce our fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Further measures: 

Our dedication to reducing our environmental impact is also present in finer details such as our use of vegetable-based inks for printing instead of oil-based and that all lighting throughout our facility is energy efficient. Even our water is locally drawn from a natural spring. 

Our domestic waste output is also extremely low. Each week we produce the equivalent of three standard household bin bags of non-recyclable waste. Not bad for a business that prints and processes 30 tonnes of mail per week with a turnover of £2 million.

When working with Mail and Print, you can be assured that we maintain lasting initiatives that contribute to sustaining our environment for both today and the future.

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