Digital Stamps

Uncategorized | December 14, 2018


When stamps were first introduced to the postal system, the initial idea was to change the point of payment from the recipient to the sender.  Roll on 200 years and there are a number of different ways in which a piece of mail can be sent and what is placed in that top right corner.

Looking at the mail on my doormat every night when I get home from work, I generally tend to see either a stamp or an indicia.  For me, an indicia tells me that a piece of mail has come from a business, in which case it is very often not interesting and gets categorised at the bottom of my open list.

By contrast if something has a stamp, well somebody had to put that there, so there’s a bit more love and personalisation gone into it.  That can go at the top of my open list.  In essence by receiving something by post I’m feeling more valued by a company than I would if they just sent me an email.  I’m then feeling even more valued because they’ve put a stamp on it.

But sending bulk mailings with stamps on is expensive and you can’t benefit from your normal levels of discount I hear you shout!  This is true, but now there is a half way house, the Digital stamp and it works.  The digital stamp has been created to look very much like a real stamp and as such it’s having similar effects to using an actual stamp.

We’re seeing our customers feedback great results from mailings that they are using this technology on and the Royal Mail have published their Cashmere Case Study, which shows increases in response rates of up to 25% and increases in Sales Rates of up to 55%.

These stats actually the types of results that us, as marketers should be searching our and taking notice of, I certainly think that for a time the Digital Stamp will deliver consistently improved results for our customers.  Why not give them a try???

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