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Building customer loyalty is a difficult process. The digital age has caused markets to become more transparent than ever. Customers not only have the capability, but access to information that allows them to quickly compare pricing and products to find value for money, regardless of the company providing that product or service.

We’re all guilty of this, we see a product we like in a shop or online and immediately begin searching for a better deal on the same product elsewhere. With this capability and access to information, loyalty to a particular company is rare.

So, how can direct mail build customer loyalty?


Customers, when reading mail, are more involved than they would be reading an email or display ad. A direct mail piece usually requires more attention from the customer when compared with digital counterparts.

Many businesses have made use of direct mail that customers have to assemble or contain a unique and engaging feature, all in an effort to involve them. Direct mail that acknowledges the customer by involving them and that goes beyond the typical ‘junk mail’ stereotype adds more value and creates stronger connections with the individuality of each customer. By involving recipients, direct mail can be used to reward existing customers to maintain loyalty and create memorable experiences that encourage new customers to become aware of, and consider the brand in their purchasing decisions.


Your customers are bombarded each day with advertising messages in the form of emails, social media posts, display ads and mailings. Some of these messages might also be from your competitors. By sending out a direct mail campaign that involves the customer, is highly targeted and personalised with a relevant message, you can create something that cuts through the noise and adds value to your customers.

This, combined with using your brand elements, can work to reinforce your brand and ensure that your customers think of you as a higher priority when they begin their buying process.


This could be said of any marketing or communication tactic but making an effort when developing a direct mail campaign can go a long way towards building customer loyalty. Taking the time to personalise and target your mailing using relevant data and messaging can create a better connection with recipients that see it as specific to them.

Going a step further by creating campaigns with higher quality material, something a bit different like dimensional mail, free gifts and unusual packaging all create the impression that you have spent time, money and effort on what your customer is seeing. If a customer feels more valued by the amount effort taken to communicate with them, they are more likely to use your product or service and continue to do so.

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