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Direct Mail Services, Other Entries | August 14, 2017


Direct Mail has a stronger deliverability rate than email.
A bold statement isn’t it? Not entirely

We recently conducted an experiment into deliverability rates of direct mail versus email and found that, out of over 2000 records, direct mail had a bounce rate of 9.6% whereas email had a rate of 21.3%.

Stronger deliverability has a direct correlation with response rates, the more deliverable the message, the more response you’re likely to get. 

Why does direct mail have better deliverability rates than email?

  • Physical addresses don’t change as frequently as email addresses
  • There is a chance that even if the intended recipient has left a company, the mailer will be passed on to a relevant person.
  • Email inboxes are subject to reaching capacity, which causes an email to bounce.

Email has its place as part of a marketing strategy, but with inboxes becoming cluttered and the sophistication of spam filters, Direct Mail is a great way of cutting through the noise. Combine it with highly targeted data and personalisation and you’re well on your way to improving your response rates.

According to the DMA, response rates for direct mail are, in many cases, exponentially higher, at 5.1% for house lists and 2.9% for prospect lists. Despite many predictions that direct mail usage will decline, these predictions are never realised. 

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