How to Choose the Right Direct Mail Piece in 5 Easy Steps

Direct Mail Services, Personalisation | May 06, 2016


1.     Size:

The first thing to think about is keeping the size under 240 x 165mm and under 100g. This will mean you can post these items as letter rather than large letter which will make your direct mail piece far more economical.

2.     Research:

Look at who you want to post to. What will catch their attention? It is vital to grab your prospects/clients and keep them interested. Think about who you want to attract with this piece. You can buy databases from various companies costing about £120/1000. This will save you both time and money as you do not want to be mailing to the wrong database.

3.     Personalisation:

Have you thought about personalising the mail piece? People are more willing to open a letter addressed to them rather than ‘The Homeowner’, so you are guaranteed a much higher response rate. You could also look at VIP (Variable Image Printing) and VDP (Variable Data Printing). Seeing an image or associated to their interest or their name on a brochure or postcard. You could even personalise the envelope with an image. This would show the receiver that you have made an effort and they would feel special receiving your piece as if it was made just for them.

4.     Reply:

Why not incorporate a reply device with your mailer? It could be a reply envelope, or postcard, maybe even a perforated slip at the bottom of a letter. If all the recipient needs to do is tick a couple of boxes and pop it back in the post then they are more likely to do so. The easier and more convenient it is for them, the better.

5.     Think Big:

If you have a big budget why not think big too? Pop up cards, die cut pieces, using metallic foils… the world is your oyster.

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