What to expect with International Mailings

Uncategorized | September 09, 2019


There is no doubt that you currently work in a worldwide market, especially if your company sells products online.  Take our portal as an example, we’ve got customers from all over the world placing orders with us for mailings that are targeted to their UK customers, that’s very easily achievable and easy for us to control delivery cycles and landing days.

But, how does it work in reverse?  How do you as a UK based company market using letters and postcards to customers throughout the world.  Well the good news is that you can, we’ve been mailing worldwide for many years and there’s a number of products already on our website that enable you to do so.

We all know how reliable and predictable the Royal Mail can be with deliveries within the UK but what can we expect from international mailings?

Historically the reliability of overseas mailings hasn’t been great, they have taken a long time to deliver if at all – and it doesn’t take too much time to find blogs and reports on the internet from ex-pats that berate delivery services across the world.

This has changed though, providers around the world are transforming the way that they work and deliver, especially in developed countries.  So, what can you expect if you are sending your mailings overseas?  Here’s some pointers…

Targeted Landing Dates

We can’t give you a specific day on which your mailing will land, but we can give you a range of working days in which it should land:
•  4 – 6 Working days within Europe
•  6 – 9 Working days outside of Europe


•  We can mail Letters and Large Letters up to 750g

In conclusion, we’re able to make the process of international mailings as simple as undertaking a mailing in the UK, and what’s more we’ve got methods of posting that are incredibly cost effective.  To add to this the reliability of postal services in overseas countries is considerably better now than it used to be making it extremely worthwhile mining for customers among your overseas markets.

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