Royal Mail Services – Business, Publishing and Advertising Mail services


Royal Mail Services – Business, Publishing and Advertising Mail services.

As many of you are aware Royal Mail made its biggest change to the postal system in decades in April 2012, changing the way mail is handled throughout the Royal Mail network. Its aim was to increase efficiency and make sure that mail is delivered in accordance with the delivery schedules being required by an ever demanding public and business community.

Business and Personal Mail (referred to as B2B or B2C mail) has for a long time has the benefit is additional discounts for doing what is called work share (quite simply Mailing Houses or Direct Mail processors such as Mail and Print – do some of the work – work share) and hence get some of the value for enabling Royal Mail to be able to handle the mail quicker and with less cost due to it being preprocessed so they can handle it with the minimum of fuss.

Speeds of Service

The predecessor to Economy Mail was Mail sort 3 service which originally was there to spread the delivery over a period of 5-7 days, this was proving to be spread over a wider range of time depending on the Mail Centre at the time – so deliveries could be between one and seven day, which was great if you had a call Centre that needed the calls spread over a period of time but did not allow for the Mailing House or Mail Processor to control the Landing day of the Mail.

Royal Mail in its infinitive wisdom, decided that it would keep the three speeds of mailing in addition to those from DSA (Down Stream Access) Providers that benefit from knowing exactly when the mail is going to Land. Royal Mail has to deliver the mail treating it as First Class form the day of receipt from the DSA provider. This must put some strain on the Royal Mail, not only through costs of handling this mail in a specific  manner, but also Ofcom, controlling what could be charged for this service.

1st Class Mail – delivered next day after the day of collection / delivery to Royal Mail.

2nd Class Mail – delivered 2 days after the day of collection / delivery to Royal Mail.

Economy Mail – 66% delivered by day 4 after the day of collection / delivery to Royal Mail, and the remainder being delivered by the latest of the 7th day

Service Types



Weight limit



Up to 240mm x 165mm x 5mm

Up to 100g

Direct mail letter folded in envelope

Large letter

Up to 353mm x 250mm x 25mm

Up to 750g

Direct mail letter unfolded in envelope

Large letter if machine-readable

Up to 345mm x 245mm x 25mm

Up to 750g

Direct mail letter unfolded in envelope

Packets (shoebox size)

Up to 120mm x 250mm x 350mm

Up to 2kg

Samples or creative piece of direct mail

Packets (board game size)

Up to 60mm x 350mm x 450mm

Up to 2kg

Bigger samples or creative piece of direct mail

Big Book

Up to B4 (353x250mm)

Between 750g and 1500g

Big catalogue (can bend to fit in letterbox)


Up to B4 (353x250mm)

Between 750g and 3000g

Unbendable catalogue

Don’t forget there are many services provided to post your mail with Royal Mail or Down Stream Access providers so please do give us a call on 0800 1300 960 to find out more about any of the mail services that could save you considerable amount of time and money.

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What is an OBA ACCOUNT?

OBA – Online Business Account means that you can process your mailings online, know exactly what you are paying at the time of posting, which is dependent on the split of Directs, Residues and Standard items when you mail sort the data.

If you want Mail and Print to post on your OBA account – it is really easy just give us a call and we will help you sort it out.

I don’t have low sort OCR or Barcode on my OBA Account

Again here Mail and Print can help with this as an approved Mailing House under the Royal Mail Mailing House scheme and being members of The Strategic Mailing Partnership we hold approvals for all the Royal Mail machine-able processes so if we process the mail you can benefit from our approvals and get access to the additional discounts that machine-able and Advertising Mail brings.

Can be used with Low sort machine readable, High sort, Multistage, Big Book or Heavyweight, so as long as you apply the rules there is no reason why you cannot start saving in addition to your existing postal services.

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