What response rates are you getting?

Uncategorized | August 19, 2019


I’ve been involved in a few conversations recently about response rates to direct mail and in some cases its been quite staggering the feedback that we’re getting from our customers.  I’ll use one in particular as an example, but they are a just one of many that are tell us that mailings we’re undertaking for the are out performing the average.

Firstly, we have to understand that the average response rates for Direct mail is normally around 4%, as it has a number of attributes that make it a great method of communicating with your customers.  But I have a customer who over 4 mailings throughout July, which is traditionally not a great month for mailings due to holidays, who has averaged a whopping 7.3% response rate.

That I think is absolutely staggering and it takes Direct Mail to the well and truly to the level where Direct mail is comparatively cheaper per opportunity generated that email!

Are they doing anything special?  Not really, they do have different letter templates depending upon the area of the country that they are mailing to, but the content is the same.  They use plain envelopes with our return address and as yet they haven’t embraced the Digital Stamp option which has been proven to increase responses by up to 2% as well!

It’s amazing the way that Direct Mail has managed to go full circle and is now well and truly shaking off the ‘Junk Mail’ tag and transformed into a communication medium that can be highly personalised and very, very attractive to those that are on the receiving end!

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