Why choose Direct Mail?

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A direct mailing and marketing campaign can be a rewarding process, that could help boost the number of new customers, and therefore improve business. There are a range of benefits that come from these processes and implementing and designing a mailing campaign may be the next step to improve your business’ stats and figures. Continual brand messaging on marketing channels is an effective way to build brand loyalty- an all in one, consistent campaign is particularly special.


Direct mailing is proven to be especially useful when well managed. It has a long-standing reputation for profitability and an increased return of investment. Most large organisations and companies have used this method to reach new audiences, and it has become a trusted method for boosting audience reach and figures.


Having complete control of a campaign allows you to be in the driver’s seat and see the results clearly. Tracking and monitoring can be arranged so you can effectively analyse its impact. This allows you to improve upon any weak areas and strengthen the areas of success.


The fact that the campaign can be tailored and personalised to fit a certain demographic/audience means you can be sure the mailing is reaching the right people. The effect of personalisation can be achieved through customer segmentations and synthetic personalisation, as well as other techniques.


What better way to leave an impression on a potential customer than by sending them something physical. Although there is no guarantee they will read the entire piece of mail, they might remember the name, or the slogan, and when in need of a certain service, come to you over a competitor, as you stick out in their mind.


Whist some businesses may opt for a newspaper ad, or a social media promotional campaign, or quite simply word of mouth, direct mailing is a special, bespoke way to stand out, and is far more impactful than similar services. It is often cheaper than big adverts and is far more personal. Direct mailing could be the key difference between you and similar organisations and will deliver your brand straight to the customers hands.

Boosted Socials

Nearly everyone uses a smartphone, and it is easy to integrate digiral and email content together into the design of direct mail. Through the use of QR codes, AR (augmented reality) or social links, linking your mail to a digital campaign is simple. Through giving people direct links to your social media, it can transform their interest to digital, which means they will be kept up to date with everything you do and increase figures (such as reach and likes).

Increased Figures

The purpose of a campaign is, of course, to boost sales or boost awareness of a brand. Including a call to action or special offers/vouchers will increase interest from recipients, as they will want to find out more and grab the deal while they can. This will ensure more sales, and a more successful campaign overall.

No Hidden Costs

There are no hidden costs with direct mailing. You won’t be charged extra, and you are in control of how many houses the campaign covers, how much is spent etc. If you want to run a large campaign, it is advised to start on a smaller scale to see the ROI (return of investment) per amount, and response from a lower budget than the real campaign. This will help you see whether the design, call to action etc is the best choice, which will help you save money in the future, and ultimately boosting sales. You can limit how much is spent, create a new campaign, or continue with the same one at a larger budget. Whatever you want to spend, is down to you, and there will be no surprise additional costs you were un aware of.

Limitless Designs

The choice of the type of direct mailing is broad, and there are many different bespoke ways to leave an impression on future customers. Whether it is postcard mailing you are looking for, invoicing, or another design, there will be a style to fit your requirements. There really is no limit to the designs you could make and send out. You can be bold with colours, you can include beautiful images, you can select a bespoke look, there are so many possibilities to leave a lasting impression on your targeted audience.

There are many advantages to utilising direct mailing, and it can really help a business grow in the most personal and effective way possible. GDPR has made more brands consider using direct mail services, as opposed to email newsletters or direct messaging, and it is helping improve customer retention. There really is no limit to how your design your mail, and tailor the campaign, to make it come alive. Make the most out of your campaign by following our steps to direct mail success.

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