Postcards – Variable Data or Images


Postcards - Variable Data or Images, Variable Printing Data | March 20, 2014

No longer just a holiday distraction

Using postcards is something that many marketers are now using to enhance their inbound and outbound marketing communications activity. They offer some significant advantages:Postcards don’t have to be openedPostcards can be printed on various card stock all of which can impact on responsePostcards can be designed to get attentionApart from a limited clear zone for the address there is space to get your message acrossPostcards can be passed easily to co-workersPostcards tend to be kept longer than lettersPostcards can be personalised using variable images data and graphicsPostcards are ideal forReminders – Car Service/MOT Reminders, Flu Jab RemindersInvitationsProduct LaunchesSpecial OffersNew Car DealsSecond Hand Car OffersNew Holiday BrochureThank You’sDriving Traffic to Personalised URL’sAn ideal postcard needs to have 7 key ...


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