Who is Dr Siegfried Vogele?

Uncategorized | April 30, 2019

Who is Dr Siegfried Vogele?

Who? I stumbled across the name Dr Siegfried Vogele recently whilst undertaking research into the various options and types of Direct Mail, it was ...

Uncategorized | April 19, 2019

Postcard Mailing: Top Tips

When postcard mailing is done right, a successful campaign is more than possible. It can be an affordable, fast way to market your ...

Uncategorized | March 17, 2019

Challenges of Creating Artwork for Print

There is nothing more persuasive than a well-designed, professional-looking piece of mail, when trying to capture a potential ...

Uncategorized | March 04, 2019

Why is Direct Mailing more effective than Email Marketing?

The development of the internet and the services available has turned people into specialist media consumers who know what content ...

Uncategorized | February 22, 2019

Why choose Direct Mail?

A direct mailing and marketing campaign can be a rewarding process, that could help boost the number of new customers, and therefore ...

Uncategorized | February 02, 2019

7 Steps to Direct Mail Success

Direct mailing campaigns are a fantastic way to boost a business, receive a return on investment, all in a personalised and tailored ...

Uncategorized | December 20, 2018

What makes a great mailing?

During the course of the year I have the pleasure of working on a large number of mailing projects.  These mailings are spread across ...

Uncategorized | December 14, 2018

Digital Stamps

When stamps were first introduced to the postal system, the initial idea was to change the point of payment from the recipient to the ...

Uncategorized | December 03, 2018

Death of the Mailing House??

The impending end to Direct Mail was first predicted some 15 years ago when the shift towards digital marketing techniques began.  If ...

Uncategorized | July 05, 2018


Need help with that letter design? What about that brochure you've been meaning to do for the last few months? At Mail and Print, our ...


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