Variable Printing Data | September 18, 2013

Variable Data Printing (VDP) terms you might not know

BangtailThis is a special type of envelope with a second flap which is perforated. This second flap is designed to be used as part of the call to action response.CleansingThe process of making sure your data is ready to go. You need to make sure that all the address details are correct and that there are no duplicates as a minimum. You may need to do a lot more. The best option is to get your data looked at so that you can understand what is possible.Content ManagementHow the combination of text and images are managed to create the best message for each customer.Data MiningThe analysis of large volumes of customer data that can identify trends and help to predict the behaviour of new and existing customers.Frequency MarketingAlso known as a loyalty programme - this type of campaign rewards customers on their purchasing behaviour. The use ...

Personalisation | August 30, 2013

Next time make it personal

Getting personal with your mailThere is nothing quite as cheesy or predictable than the “this is personal” snarl found in the ...

Direct Mail Services | August 30, 2013

Direct Mail continues to deliver good returns

Direct Mail continues to give good returnsThere are many who consider Direct Mail to be a marketing communications media of the past. ...

Data and Data Cleansing | August 27, 2013

Data – who manages yours?

A Quiz to see if you are getting the most from you moneyLet’s start with a quick quiz 10 easy questions anyone who manages data ...

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