Direct Mail Services | August 30, 2013

Direct Mail continues to deliver good returns

Direct Mail continues to give good returnsThere are many who consider Direct Mail to be a marketing communications media of the past. But all the signs are that Direct Mail is becoming more important especially when used as part of an integrated campaign designed to drive traffic to a website or respond to a specific offer.The truth is that many appreciate Direct Mail. In the latest survey from the DMA:•    66% of consumers keep their mail•    79% of consumers react to Direct Mail immediately•    33% take a negative view not offering printed communications•    56% think that printed materials are the most trustworthy of all the communications channelsFor companies who use Direct Mail the results are impressive the Royal Mail found that:•    80% agree that regular mailings help build customer relationships•   ...

Data and Data Cleansing | August 27, 2013

Data – who manages yours?

A Quiz to see if you are getting the most from you moneyLet’s start with a quick quiz 10 easy questions anyone who manages data ...

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